Ha’Am Staff Parties, Plays, and Brings Peace to the Galaxy

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Rage – /rey-j/ – verb –1. To lose self-control in an impassioned display of anger; “to hold sway with unabated violence” 2. To party hard; excessively enjoying oneself through the consumption of alcohol, music, and dance.

THE TREEHOUSE – Music, booze, sex and drugs. These are classical parts of a good party; ingredients, one might say, of an evening well-lived.

The Ha’Am staff gathered to take part in the now-traditional Ha’Am get-to-know-everyone kick-off event: a (randomly) exclusive party at the Treehouse, that mixed casual conversation, Matan-Lurey-fan-club political talk, beer games, and intense family bonding. The ten student protagonists arrived merely as associates, united together by a set of sarcastic profiles on an Internet blog, and they left as friends/beerpong teammates/family.

How did this happen, and what does it mean?

A party, whether it be a commemoration or a celebration, is a special opportunity for people to bond and break the bounds of estrangedness through shared interests, mission, credo, relationships, or fancies. What happened here was something quite different. People came together – people who were so loosely connected that we wouldn’t call them strangers – in the hopes of relating to one another and retroactively giving meaning to the get-together. Ha’Am arrived as a magnificent concept – a beacon for campus Jews and Judasim on campus – and left with all the energies of a tangible form.

Looking back at the event, I feel that it was a wonderful example of the power of music and dance, and boozing and schmoozing as tools to unite people who want to be joined; a party is almost the perfect excuse.

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Ha’Am represents a unified identity, comprised of uniquely awesome ideas and uniquely awesome people. We are a journal that represents students’ perspectives on the Jewish world – Israel, campus life, philosophy, and current events. We are an outlet for activism and a vibrant voice for the entire Jewish spectrum. Our promise is to present nothing short of authentic truths and magnificent stories. Our price: your passionate advocacy.

I leave you with hope for some amazing stories, and the security of a faithful team of people who range from semi-interesting to downright crazy. World domination (or our version of it) is right around the corner, so keep reading Ha’Am.

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Disclaimer: Ha’am does not endorse the consumption of alcohol, nor has it sponsored any parties or non-journalistic endeavors. The views expressed herein represent the individual author’s perspective on the matter as a report of the event. To the best of this author’s knowledge, all alcohol was consumed both legally and responsibly. Please drink and party sensibly.

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