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Ha’Am Staff Parties, Plays, and Brings Peace to the Galaxy

October 24, 2011


Rage – /rey-j/ – verb –1. To lose self-control in an impassioned display of anger; “to hold sway with unabated violence” 2. To party hard; excessively enjoying oneself through the consumption of alcohol, music, and dance. THE TREEHOUSE – Music, booze, sex and drugs. These are classical parts of a good party; ingredients, one might […]

“And Drink Their Words With Thirst”: Have We Lost the Art of Being Students?

October 12, 2011


Note: This article is a direct response to the claim that “Professors are our employees”, contextually implying that they are there to cater to us, let us soap-box our fancies, and give us a pat on the back at the end of the day. This is wrong. Products of the Information Age This is not […]

The 6th of Tishrei, New Year for the Center for Jewish Studies

October 7, 2011


ROYCE HALL – Tuesday, October 4th witnessed the inaugural rendezvous of an under-appreciated league of UCLA Jewish academics, both faculty and students – the Center for Jewish Studies. With it came an invitation to commune and converse with both peers and mentors of the highest caliber, over some stereotypically Jewish foodstuffs (pita and shawarmma, and […]