Alan Naroditsky

Managing Editor

Alan is a fourth-year UCLA student studying Economics and English.

A Jew of Russian (read “former Soviet Union”) heritage, his father came to the United States from Kiev, Ukraine to study applied mathematics (and then business) and his mother emigrated from Baku, Azerbaijan to study piano performance at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

Alan has a younger brother who is a prodigy by all standards: World Youth Chess Champion and published author at 16 years of age. While many assume that the two Naroditsky brothers are competitive, they are best friends and always fiercely support each other.

Alan is very passionate about business and finance, but also loves to write. While this makes for a confusing career choice, he hopes to find something which will allow him to combine his passions.

In other news, Alan enjoys competitive chess, classical piano, and watching and playing basketball and football (okay, maybe just watching for the most part). He is a steadfast supporter of penguins’ rights and believes them to be mystical (albeit flightless) birds sent from a faraway world to protect the ignorant human race from self-destruction.

Alan is also known to be compulsively punctual and arrives at least four minutes early to any event, which admittedly makes some public functions awkward until the rest of the attendees saunter in.

When he isn’t studying for an Economics midterm or reading the latest English assignment, Alan most enjoys having a good time with his family and friends.

Articles by Alan

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