Tessa Nath


Tessa is a UCLA second-year student studying English with a slice of French and Geography/Environmental Studies on the side.

A Jew of mixed heritage, her mother hails from the sun-baked Valley, while her father originates from the dramatically more frigid Germany. As a result she is fond of both gefilte fish and marzipan.

After spending two months during her junior year of high school studying in Israel, Tessa has fallen back in love with the thought of becoming a rabbi later in life—a novel-writing, environmental engineer rabbi at that.

A staunch tree-hugger, Tessa enjoys hiking, backpacking and taking long walks on the beach, while always living life for the present moment. Of course this is only when she isn’t buried neck-deep in the pages of her favorite Faulkner or Hesse. When she’s not vigorously writing her masterpiece, Tessa enjoys witty banter with friends and a warm, but not too hot, chai latte to wash it all down.

Articles by Tessa

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