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Comments on retraction of Israeli expatriate ads

January 17, 2012


Last month, a set of advertisements aimed at encouraging the return of Israelis living abroad, were removed from the Israeli Ministry of Immigrant Absorption’s YouTube channel. As a part of a resolution adopted by the government in 2010, these advertisements feature images like the young girl who disappoints her Israeli grandarents when she reveals her […]

Occupy Boston Occupies Israeli Consulate

November 6, 2011


It appears that the Occupy Movement has made yet another addition to its extensive list of grievances. This one addresses the ongoing conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians. Although such sentiments have been expressed earlier in the Occupy demonstrations, this occurrence demonstrates the formal organization of these opinions into an actual occupation of the Israeli […]

Free Speech, Made Equal: a lesson for Daily Bruin opinion writer

October 24, 2011


In the October 21st Opinion section of the Daily Bruin, In the Know: Irvine 11 Appeal,  writer Brittany Chu attempts to contest the charges of the infringement of free speech, for which the Irvine 11 were convicted. Despite her best efforts,  she succeeds only in providing a restricted redefinition of that selfsame right. In February […]

Surfing for Peace: How One Man Has Made a Difference

October 12, 2011


“Surfboard diplomacy” is not a term we often find amidst the sound bytes and jargon used to deliver the Middle East news. For Dorian “Doc” Paskowitz, however, it’s a term that guides his vision of the Middle East. The self-proclaimed, “first Jewish surfer”, has taken a unique approach in trying to  ease the political tensions between […]